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A Post Covid Summer

October 5: Nature in the cinema - conference
Conference by Florence Caurant (PELAGIS) and Magalie Flores-Lanjou (CEREGE), organized as part of the science festival.
The period of confinement highlighted the need for nature experienced by humans.
In the cinema, nature can play the main role, benefit as well as danger.
Place of the event: Natural History Museum - 28 rue Albert 1e
October 7: Guided tour - the journey of plants
Rare or familiar, garden plants often come from far away. This tour of the botanical garden and the rooms dedicated to naturalist travelers takes you aboard exploration ships to discover exotic plants introduced to Europe.
Place of the event: Natural History Museum - 28 rue Albert 1e
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
From November 9, 2020 to October 31, 2021: Ocean Climate
The "Climate-Ocean" exhibition will take you into an unknown and lush world at the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle, Place Bernard Moitessier. Designed with the help of scientists of the greatest expertise, it will allow you to understand the Ocean, the dangers that threaten it and the consequences for us.
On 300m² and thanks to innovative and immersive digital devices, the course offers you a unique experience. You will travel from our Atlantic coasts to the Pacific Islands, between atmosphere and abyssal depth. You will experience the birth of a tornado and the rising waters. Finally, because every gesture counts, the exhibition will invite you to take action. The sum of our commitments is our best weapon to help the Ocean.
Event location: Maritime Museum - Place Bernard Moitessier
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
December 5: Theater play "The title is provisional"
If Manu shows a certain enthusiasm for the play, Thibaud finds it categorically without any interest. Each one tries in vain to convince the other when Jeanne, the author, rings the bell ... Thanks to these tasty dialogues, at the same time fine and funny, the three actors offer us a French-style comedy, light and entertaining, but not devoid of substance. We are not bored for a single second, we laugh a lot, and we come out with a smile (Libre Théâtre).
Place of the event: Café-Théâtre 1'Azile - 29 rue Debussy
From December 12, 2020 to September 5, 2021: Whales, from Bangdubae to La Rochelle
Whales hold a big place on our blue planet! The exhibition offers a dive among these fascinating animals.
The exhibition allows you to discover the diversity of animals called "whales", to travel around the world to explore the unique links that link these animals and different peoples around myths and representations and to understand how the La Rochelle Museum and the laboratories de La Rochelle and universities continue to advance knowledge about these “sea monsters”.
Event location: Natural History Museum - 28 rue Albert 1e
All these events will be possible in compliance with safety standards (wearing a mask, disinfecting the hands with hydroalcoholic gel, etc.)

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