la suite Bianca, La Villa Dolce

A guest house, la villa Dolce...

Our guest house offers two large junior suites and one spacious room which preserve the authenticity of the place as well as the genuine characteristics of the mansion. Each room has a contemporary decor, stylish materiel and exceptional fabrics that create its own universe. The interior is decorated with a simple elegance enhanced by the high quality of the carefully chosen and used products. In the common parts, you can either use the solid oak stairway or the glass panelled lift to reach your accommodation. You will enjoy your stay in a warm and comfortable atmosphere: the hostess will attend you whenever you need while remaining discrete

A prestigious mansion in the historic center

Equipements : Starting with breakfast, the tone is given: fresh fruit juices pressed instantly, fruit salads and homemade pastries, breads and pastries, savory or sweet buffet will give you energy for a dynamic day.

La villa dolce

La Villa Dolce

18, Place de Verdun

17000 La Rochelle

+33 (0)5 46 29 06 49



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